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The Leicestershire Parent Carer Forum (LPCF) is ran by volunteer Parent Carers.

Anna Bromley

Chair and Strategic Lead

“I am a proud mother of two teenagers with SEND. They are both on the autistic spectrum; one has an Asperger’s presentation and is in a mainstream school and one has a PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) presentation along with comorbid Tourette’s syndrome and ADHD, and is in a special school.

I have been teaching since 2002. I have taught all ages (5-18+) and in a variety of settings that  include: mainstream, special, primary, secondary and Post 16.

Through teaching and caring for my family I have been gifted with a wide experience and knowledge of special educational needs and disability. I am dedicated to ensuring families with SEND have access to effective services and this is why I joined the forum. I want to make a difference for families like mine by sharing my experiences and representing theirs.”

Helen Cuttle

Treasurer and Strategic Lead

“I am a mum of two girls who like myself, both struggle with ADHD. Getting all three of us out of the house, on time, with all of our belongings we need is a real struggle for us. My husband deserves a medal for all he has to contend with.

My oldest daughter also has a rare genetic mutation (KCNT1) which causes nocturnal epilepsy and learning difficulties and she attends a local special school. My youngest is supported and doing well at a local mainstream primary school.

I am passionate about inclusion and believe that a mother’s instincts are never wrong.

Being a SEND governor, I have an insight into how schools struggle with tightening budgets and I feel many problems parent carers face can be lessened with better communication and transparency from all services.”

Sue Rigby

Secretary and Strategic Lead

“I am a mum to a complex young man on the autistic spectrum. Life was very hard when he was younger. My mum always said to me “the more you work with him now the easier it will become when he is older” and she was right.

He went to a mainstream primary school and now attends a specialised ASD school.

I joined the forum as when my son was little, I felt very lonely and isolated and didn’t know where to turn. I want to make a difference and help other parent carers who are feeling isolated.”

Dominique Kohrs

Strategic Lead

“I am a mum to 3 wonderfully made children. My eldest is suspected ASD/ADHD with social difficulties. My middle child has ASD, SPD, OCD, Anxiety, ADD, a sleeping disorder and hyper mobility and my youngest has 2 auto immune conditions – Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant), Celiac disease and suspected ODD.

I joined the forum to gain a knowledge and understanding of how services should work and I have been empowered by so much information for all my children.

A parent always knows what is best for their child and to have the knowledge to support that is extremely powerful. All parent carers should have the confidence to know that they are doing an AMAZING job.”

Yvonne Gardner


“Greetings! I am Yvonne, a wife and parent to 2 dynamic individuals. 

My children have been diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. 

I have a fair understanding of the positive energy projected from my super kids and I champion the ups and downs that come with it. I enjoy life’s challenges.”

Chrissie Henson


“My name is Chrissie and I am a single mum to a young lady who is larger than life. She has severe learning difficulties, is on the pathway for an ADHD diagnosis and she attends a local special needs school.

I am so proud of her, she faces many challenges each day and she amazes me with her strength and ability to face these head on.”


Tracey Liot


I joined the LPCF in December 2019. I am a local parent in Market Harborough who understands what it’s like raising a child with a disability. My son is 6, he has an extra X chromosome and severe curvature of the spine. Archie has had 2 life-threatening surgeries to save his lungs and organs being crushed. I interact regularly with SALT, OT’s and Physio’s, and have a strong relationship with his medical and school teams. Having recently moved my son from a mainstream school to a moderate learning unit, he signs Makaton to aid communication and loves playing sport and going horse riding at a local RDA. As a working parent, we offer evening meetings. When you are better equipped to understand and share knowledge of what help is available, you can give your children the best possible start in their own lives. I choose potential over the defeat and want to help you do the same.

Lyndsey Derbyshire



Mandy Duggan-Bell


“I have two children who both have ASD on different ends of the spectrum. I have many years’ experience of working in a mainstream school and use that and my own experiences with my children to work as part of the forum.”

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